Mike Dimes Brings the Heat with “Home”


The “young boy from Texas” is back with his first release of 2022, and it’s as hard-hitting and bass-knocking as ever. Mike Dimes is a young rapper from San Antonio, Texas but raps with the presence of an MC who’s been around for ages. Like nearly every rapper from the south, Dimes raps with a certain confidence that you can’t really find anywhere else. You hear that confidence all throughout “HOME.”

Mike trusts absolutely no one, except the gang. He makes his stance on outsiders evidently clear amidst his tales of riches, cars, and clothes. Dimes bring a certain energy back into the rap scene. The bass-filled production he often raps over gave me a song perfectly fit for my obnoxiously loud car rides home from class.

Dimes‘ project DLOG proves that he can aim steady and flush out a no skip project. Fans can’t wait to see if Dime’s is the next big name out of of the south, to prove fans right… release more gold ASAP Mike.


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