Mike Dimes Drops Music Video for “Paparazzi”


Mike Dimes has been on the up and up recently and dropping “In Dimes We Trust” just pushed him into another level. With there being so many solid songs on the project “Paparazzi” is one that stands out. Starting the track off with this $uicideboy$ sounding beat produced by Zuri, it lays this different sound for Dimes to shine over. Having such a prominent voice and delivery he really has his own flow and sound. With catchy and braggadocious lyrics you can’t help yourself from getting hyped. 

For the video Simon Chasalow took control of direction while Waboosh produced it. In these videos, new artists tend to be hard to follow with so many effects but these frames let Mike Dimes be the centerpiece. The brilliant camera angles and noticeable locations matched the song perfectly. Mike Dimes is for sure someone that’s going to continue to blow up in 2022 so tap in now. 



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