MMO Jaja’s flip of Kanye’s “Bound 2” is Murder Music at its Best


MMO Jaja‘s “Bound 2” is straight up gut-wrenching from the second he starts rapping. “Walk with a gun yeah I use it, not into the talking I’m into the shooting, hit a n***a and his momma be puking,” Jaja spits. To make shit even scarier, IV‘s growling 808s sounds like him and Jaja are giving one of his opps the craziest beat down ever. Match that with Sagewolf‘s nightmarish visuals and you have an NYC drill horror movie (in the best way possible). If MMO Jaja is a new name for you, check out “Let Go,” “No Regrets,” and “Tu Sonrisa.” Check out “Bound 2” below.


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