MoneySign $uede, Peysoh & Swiftly Blue Showcase Their West Coast Grit On New Project, “Grimey Park”


Grimey Park is a short collaborative project that consists of West Coast natives MoneySign $uede, Peysoh & Swifty Blue. They are specifically from Southeast Los Angeles. MoneySign $uede, Peysoh & Swifty Blue were already successful solo acts but their work on the 2021 Matt Brick produced track “Grimey Park ”, prompted fans to demand a group project from all three. 

This is a project that sonically embodies the west coast street rap lane. Each artist goes on to convey their conflicting concerns about remaining solid in the streets and keeping those that they love safe. No matter how successful they have gotten, the same issues of violence, gang politics, and imprisonment are still very present. Peysoh for example was arrested unfairly recently but has been steadily going up in West Coast popularity. Overall, I found the project to be very authentic to their experiences and consistent from a rapping standpoint. Check out MoneySign $uede, Peysoh & Swifty Blue’s collaborative project, Grimey Park below.



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