TyFontaine’s Live Performance Of “B4BMG” Will Give You Chills


TyFontaine’s live performance of B4BMG will give you chills. Releasing the EP about 2 months ago, it showed the progression that Ty has made over the last few years. Ever since I first heard him back in 2019 I knew that his voice was unique and special but now he’s really perfecting his craft.

Sparky put together this live performance and it was brilliant. From the location to the set design to the live instruments to the background singers and everything in between it all came together so well. TyFontaine was able to showcase his talents and show people how incredible his voice is. Ramping up to drop BMG this week, the live performance was a great marketing tactic. With that being said if you want to hear an amazing voice go check out this live performance down below. 



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