Nardo Wick Continues His Murderous Hot Streak With “I Be Chillin”


One of the most captivating aspects of Nardo Wick‘s music, in my opinion, is his delivery. “I Be Chillin” sees Wick teetering between laying low and staying out the way and being on all out killing spree. In the Diesel Filmz directed video, Wick almost coaxes himself into demon mode as he pulls his jewelry out of a compartment in his car. The video cuts to a shot of a fence slowly moving out of frame as Nardo begins the song.

His raspy whispers introduce his murderous “Wickman” persona, which builds throughout the song. The song’s hook balances his reserved personality with the line “Ion really too much fuck wit n****s I be chillin'” with his Wickman alter ego when he says, “Checkin shit and doin hits that how we make a killin”. Nardo‘s ability to create the image of this laid-back hitman, has captivated fans with songs like “Who Wan’t Smoke?” and is no different on his new track. Check it out.


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