Navy Blue’s Album “Àdá Irin” Is Gorgeous Set Of Soundscapes With A Rich Vocal Approach


Artwork by Name Date

Navy Blue has been the enigmatic voice on various exquisite musical efforts. This new era of spoken word driven verses, sprinkled in with imperfect chops, make for a truly special ride. Blue mentioned via his twitter that this album should be listened to all the way through because of the hard work that went into it. The very least the listener could do is approach the art in the manner that the artist intended it to be consumed, so we did just that.

Blue also mentioned that the album’s theme was about emotional transmutation, taking the negative feelings of hate and anger, then pushing them to higher qualities. It seems as if this project is a long look inward at life and how it’s been thus far from Blue’s perspective. He’s a incredibly gifted skater, but now it’s time to paint another picture.

Production was handled by Blue himself, Preservation and Rago Foot making each piece of instrumentation another chapter to this illustrious opus. This is a Pro-Black, self-loving set of anthems that march to their own sampled rhythm. The beats are more of an accent to what Sage preaches on each cut. I won’t highlight each song because this project deserves the time for the listen, along with some time to digest. It’s essentially like listening comprehension to gift you with something you didn’t have before hearing these eleven cuts.

It’s unique, off-kilter, out of left field, but it’s well-thought out and executed extremely well. These shining waves are stellar and an exceptionally good alternative to the majority of the other careless, sloppy tunes. This album was in memory of Sage’s Grandfather, Madison T. Shockley, may he rest in peace. This one is great, cop the project here and keep going Navy Blue, you’ve got our support at Daily Chiefers. 


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