San Antonio Rapper RICH Delivers His Wild New Video For “Ese Talk”


They say everything is bigger in Texas, and that’s including the hype. Whenever there’s an exciting new artist out of any part of Texas, it seems like the whole state gets behind them at that moment, a la Megan Thee Stallion, and helps propel them into the mainstream’s consciousness. Hailing from San Antonio, rising rapper RICH has started to carve a bit of a buzz in the state of Texas, as well as it’s surrounding areas. Utilizing an infectious cadence and vocal tone, he’s proven he’s more than a moment as he doubles down with his engaging new video for, “Ese Talk.”

Recruiting buzzing rapper, Peso Peso to assist him, the two form an energetic and entertaining duo that make for a fantastic record. Directed by, Ace The Shooter, the crew does a very good job at recreating the energy provided by Xanax Fan Club’s production, making the listener feel like we’re apart of the video as well. Though everybody hold’s their weight equally, RICH is still the star of the show, showcasing his sheer charisma and ability to command a track with clever one-liners and interesting ad-libs.

With, “Ese Talk,” serving as the perfect follow up to his run on social media and YouTube, it should be only a matter of time before RICH is burning down your airwaves. Watch “Ese Talk,” below, and get familiar.


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