New York’s “Wyll Power” Is Here To Stay


Bronx-based talent Wyll Power is one of the newest young faces taking over the ever-prominent and evolving sounds of Afrobeats and R&B, representing NY Music & production company ‘The NHO’. Power came into the game producing for New York heavyweights like Jim Jones, and helping build the sound of rising talents like Mr. Chicken, OnPointLikeOP and Dyce Payso. Power has also taken on acting in roles on Starz smash series Power: Raising Kanan, and Ghost, he’s also appeared on Law & Order and branched out into modeling, ripping the runway two years in a row at New York Fashion Week.

        We recently had the pleasure of listening to his upcoming single “Cups 2 Many” which is an infectious island anthem that was crafted to create a hypnotic ambiance and allow you to lose yourself in the music truly. What sets Wyll Power apart is his ability to draw inspiration from diverse influences, mirroring the style of artists like Travis Scott and Partynextdoor. Wyll Power is an emerging force in the industry, and his unique fusion of Afrobeats and R&B ensures he’ll leave a long-lasting imprint, and “Cups 2 Many” is just the beginning.

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