Veeze Only Accented His AOTY With The “Ganger” Deluxe


Veeze is a man of the people. Those who understand the wave, really get it and those who are unaware are just that. Sleeping on a foundational artist like Veeze is insane but after Ganger dropped earlier this year, we starting to see everyone come around. Cuts like “Safe 2”, “Broke Phone”, “GAIG”, “Tony Hawk”, and of course the masterful “GOMD” all have added to the allure that is Ganger. And that’s not to discredit the other brilliance up and down this project, but those tracks have stayed in rotation since the release with no rest in between.

But even if those 21 original cuts weren’t enough, Veeze gifted the people five brand new tracks to live with. Surf Gang‘s Harrison and Evil Giane had a hand in crafting “Luv The Tour” but these new cuts should only solidify why this is the best rap album released in 2023. His flow is unconventional, his subject matter melds with the usual but is only enhanced by his boisterous imagination and these references will have you staring into the abyss wondering how he thought of that. Veeze is on the road to superstardom and it’s only a matter of time until the world knows the wave.


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