Ninexteen Flexes Flawless Flow on SoundCloud Single, “Flawless”


When it comes to versatility in the underground, it’s nearly impossible to look past Philly’s own Ninexteen. Consistently breaking down the walls of traditional underground sounds, Ninexteen proves himself time and time again with effortless SoundCloud singles dropped under a number of names such as Kali, usernumberfifty, and of course, Ninexteen. Never promo, never marketing, just undeniable music, no matter the genre. 

Fresh into his freshman year of college, Ninexteen is no stranger to the importance of time management. For many, the balancing act between being a full-time student and growing as an artist can be extremely overwhelming. While sporting an unmatched drive in and out of the classroom, Ninexteen makes no excuses in accomplishing both– willingly waking up at 3am every morning to make music before classes, then leaving enough time after school to finalize his work before doing it all over again.

One of his most recent drops truly magnifies how flawless this 18-year-old really is. Starting off the track with beautiful healing frequencies produced by Louiexo, “Flawless” transcends the listener into the mind of the young savant, slowly easing into Ninexteen’s magical vocal presence. Forging his own entirely unique flow, Ninexteen balances both airy melodic overtones with an effortless rap influence. By being both thoughtful and assertive throughout the track, Ninexteen proves there is no type of instrumental he can’t tackle. The experience he creates is a ferocious ride, letting you first believe the track will remain calm before smoothly shifting into a high-energy, motivating vibrancy that is contagious with every single listen. It’s the type of track that has you smashing PRs in the gym while helping granny across the street being the neighborhood hero that you are. “Flawless” is truly a flawless track that everybody needs in their rotation and I certainly don’t see any of the rest of his catalog falling short of this standard.

Listen to “Flawless” by Ninexteen below.

As a bonus for the new fans, I would also recommend giving a listen to another recent offering, “never know” produced by Glo & Royal. This track parades a completely different twist on Ninexteen‘s rightfully confident attitude, starting off with slow piano melodies before transitioning quickly into a more rock-influenced instrumental; though the track in its entirety cannot be completely boxed in as “rock” because, as Ninexteen has already proven he is incredibly gifted at doing, the track covers so many different bases. Definitely some symphonic regalia vibes and glo-esque sounds with brain-melting electric guitar, deep 808s, and quick high hats; this track flexes it all. Expect more high energy and replay value from this incredibly unique record. While I leave you with only two breathtaking tracks from the young visionary, I am confident that you will find plenty more on your own as you lean into the harmonious bug that Ninexteen may so easily infect you with.

Listen to “never know” by Ninexteen below.


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