Remedy4Ej Is a Superstar In The Making


With so much music coming out of the underground every single day, it’s not super often that I stumble across something brand new that absolutely blows me away– I’m talking the pierces-my-ears-to-the-depths-of-my-soul and covers-my-body-in-goosebumps type of “blows me away;” objectively undeniable music. Every once in a blue moon though, someone like Remedy4Ej comes along and unequivocally fits the bill.

Remedy4Ej is a 16-year-old artist from Connecticut with a sound unlike anything coming out of the underground right now. I first stumbled upon his song “Amour” from his “Relapse EP” and was sucked into a vortex of emotional ruin as EJ immediately tugged at my heartstrings with his heavenly vocal range and distinctive melodic flows. This song alone is enough to knock an elephant off its feet and bring the hardest warriors to tears. A classic narrative of true love; what it feels like to be stuck on the special someone. The self-produced instrumental is airy and beautiful, utilizing only strings and synths to build a heart-pounding attraction with every listen. It’s the type of record that, with one listen, you already know without a doubt the artist is something special.

After bawling my eyes out for 2 minutes and 20 seconds, I cleaned myself up and dug a little deeper. With “amour” being a past release, I had to hear what else this kid had offered more recently. To my deepest satisfaction, I discovered his drum & bass anthem, “vulnerability #d4vd” had been dropped off just last night. I pressed play, and time stood still… The song is built off of inspiration from the D4vd song “Romantic Homicide” and starts off calm with EJ‘s vocals quickly piercing through like a hot knife through butter. By taking a slow, yet sizzling song and completely flipping it to an upbeat, energetic tempo, EJ clearly showcases how truly tapped in he is to what’s currently going on in music while magnifying his ability to build even further from where other artists may have left off. Having the capacity to create undeniably beautiful originals while further taking already existing records to the next level is a power not many kids his age possess, leading me to conclude that Remedy4Ej is truly a young superstar in the making and is nowhere near his fullest potential as a globally significant artist.

I could legitimately write forever about how absolutely incredible this kid is, but honestly, you should just stop reading and listen for yourself. Whatever I say cannot even come close to doing his work justice. That can only be experienced by pressing play. Listen to “amour” and “vulnerability” below.




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