Slump6s Snaps on Surprise SoundCloud EP “Glory”


Since finally dropping off his long-awaited debut album “Genesis,” Slump6s has not slowed down whatsoever. Continuing to showcase his evolution as an artist, Slump6s has already dropped off two more SoundCloud EPs, the latest “glory” expanding on the Glo-esque sound he developed with Glorytee alongside other artists such as sgpwes.

The tape starts off dark and melodic with “children”, where Slump6s flexes his ability to switch up flows on a dime while making it known that he is a “father figure” to a lot of other artists in the underground that continue to copy his style. Quickly transitioning to “six,” Slump6s brings out his grimey, more aggressive tone that is recognizable from prior songs like “One” off of his debut album “Genesis,” along with his staple second verse on the sgpwes single, “Surrounded.”

At this point in the tape, Slump6s starts to flex his ability to craft brand new flows, handling the instrumentals for “don’t know” and “no reason” in a completely fresh, delayed sort of fashion, drawing out his bars to punch with slightly unorthodox timing while still maintaining complete control over the production. Wrapping up these 5 new records with “faded,” Slump6s pretty much combines everything he just materialized with the prior tracks into one hard-hitting smash that quickly became my favorite on the tape. Grimey aggressive flows, melodic overtones, and deep punchy production all work together to box up this tape perfectly.

While these first five tracks are truly remarkable, it is still important not to forget the origins of this Glo-eque sound. Slump6s makes sure to remind listeners by wrapping up the tape with an archived track from 6 months ago titled “how do i tell u” produced by none other than glorytee & royal. Melodically beautiful and instrumentally tear-jerking, this outro makes it clear that Slump6s has really been ahead of his time with every single release. At this point, I think it’s safe to assume that anything Slump6s drops off is going to be flooded with heavy heaters. He certainly did not skimp out on quality music with this surprise EP, “glory.” While continuing to mature musically, this is undoubtedly an artist evolution you should be paying close attention to as he persistently pushes the boundaries of what is possible with music.



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