Pardyalone Continues To Flourish, Peep His Latest Video For “A Place For Us”


Pardy is a star, but you already knew that. His pen is lethal and his pristine ability to connect with his fans is what will keep him around. Today our example is his visuals for the new cut “A Place For Us”. By the title you can already imagine that this one is going to continue to pull at the heartstrings and even more so, it washes emotions over your entire body.

We see Pardy and his love interest, whether that may be in the present or the past, as we walk through their troublesome relationship. Scenes of realization that you might be alone are the real theme of this one, but it also should teach those to appreciate the ones you have around. With direction from Chris Vergara, it doesn’t take much to turn a once bland room into a memorable moment.

With the pain in Pardy‘s voice and the brimming production as the backdrop, this cut will flourish into another impressive song in the arsenal. Until the next batch of gas, make sure you get hip to Pardyalone below.


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