Anti Da Menace Shows And Proves On His New Mixtape “Legendary”


There are few artists who can control our attention in the way that Anti does. His brutally authentic approach to music isn’t overly thought out, it’s simply his instinct. In sixteen cuts we hear the ups and downs, filled with passion and progression all packaged into a soon-to-be southern classic.

Yes, he is a bit rough around the edges, but you have to remind yourself that this young man just turned 18. Anti has grown up right before the eyes of his fans and still has so much farther to go. With both “Murder Bitch” and “Big Eyez” putting up major numbers organically on Youtube, that’s only a couple of notches in this man’s belt. He’s also tapped in with Rot Ken and Lil Darius, showing people he’s meant to be a part of a broader conversation.

Regardless of any co-sign this album will change some things for his future. Features from Wee2hard, Lil Monte, and Bic Fizzle add another level of prowess, but what wins us over is Anti‘s diverse styling. “Free Yola” is of course the specimen of an infectious sample from Atlanta’s yesteryear. Though what stands out the most to our ears are cuts like “Enemies” and “Switchblade” because they exude fearlessness.

One cannot deny this project and how much went into its creation. You can hear the power of his tone, so don’t be surprised when you see Anti going up from here on out.



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