Q&A: That Mexican OT Talks Getting into Music, Growing up In Texas, Upcoming Releases, and More


Bay City, TX rapper That Mexican OT is one of the premier emerging talents coming out of Texas right now. His tracks “La Cobra”, “Kick Doe Click”, “Hardest Ese Eva”, and others have built him a die-hard fanbase in the Lone Star state and in the South as a whole. We chopped it up with OT about his career, influences, upbringing, and much more! Read our Q&A below.

Upbringing & Getting into Music

What was it like growing up in Bay City, TX?

It was quiet. A lot of drama, but my family was there.

What did you grow up listening to?

Big L. I grew up listening to everything. All types of music. Country, Rap, Mexican. Anything that sounded good.

What were you like as a kid growing up?

I was always by myself. I was always getting into trouble. I was a hothead, so I was always getting into fights. I had a strict mom. I became awkward. I was just always in the room by myself making music, reading, or making a beat on a keyboard that I got for Christmas. Just quiet. Out the way.

When and why did you start rapping?

I was 4 years old. Because of my uncles. I saw them doing it. They got me into it. They looked grown and cool and I wanted to be grown and cool

When did you start taking it seriously?

A little over a year ago.

What made you realize that you could turn music into a career?

When I started getting paid for it. People were paying for my features. Paying for me to be at places. People started believing in my art. Support it you know. I got wonderful people all over my team.

“La Cobra” and OT’s Success Since Then

Your first song to hit 1 million views on Youtube is “La Cobra” which you dropped the video to last May. What was your reaction when it hit a million views?

I was just talking about this earlier. I’ve done a lot of drugs and I think it just fucked up my dopamine and I just don’t be getting excited about things like that. Same shit different toilet. I feel like since I have higher expectations with shit like that, I expected to hit a mil. I expected to do whatever it is that I’ve done because I know I can do it.

How do you feel like you’ve changed or improved as an artist since that song?

Yeah. I’ve definitely improved. I’ve changed for the better. Just believing in my craft. I’ve always believed in my craft, but having feedback makes me more confident. Other than that I’m still the same old Virgil. Playing my X-Box.

How did “Kick Doe Click” come about?

It was my uncles. They made Kick Doe (Click). When my momma died, my cousin Homer and them was like Kick Doe is a thing we need to do so Virgil can run with it (later on).

What’s been the most rewarding event in your career so far?

The whole thing.

Upcoming Music

What can we expect from you in the future? Is there a project on the way? Singles?

Many more projects. Many more singles. You might fuck around and hear some country music from me. My new mixtape Nonsense and Mexican Shit is dropping August 26.

Can we expect any big features?

Yeah, I got one with Curren$y on a song called September 8th. It drops Aug. 26th with the Nonsense and Mexican Shit mixtape.

Is there anything else you have in the works that we should know about?

Just my singles and my mixtape. I got a release party [on] August 26 at The Concert Pub here in Houston. Other than that be ready for what I got coming.

Check out our article on his most recent track “Ridin’ Dirty“, stay tuned for Nonsense and Mexican Shit, and peep his song “Pimpin Platinum” ft. Drodi below!


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