The Xan Told Me Something


So this is really the first time in my life where I feel fulfilled. Yes, there are still a vast number of things I want to accomplish, but at this current moment in time, I’m happy with what I’ve built. And I shouldn’t even say “I” because there are so many factors and people that have helped me grow. Of course, the Chiefers brand is a huge part of my life, but it’s a family and I guess I’m one of the older brothers now.

Throughout the youth of my life, there have been a lot of issues with my confidence. I over-compensated so much that I drove some away, but then didn’t speak up when an opportunity was on the line. I picked up drug habits early on and it didn’t turn into anything positive for a number of years. I haven’t done pills for 5 years now, and I’m finally taking the time to look around and appreciate the days. I try to do better with each breath, but emotions weigh on us all at times. What I’m trying to say is that those drugs taught me something that no one else could have taught me. That it was always in me and that I was just a deterrent of my own greatness. If you actually took the time to read this much, I really appreciate you and I hope you reach out if you’re struggling with addiction. The xan really told me something.

IGWE AKA is a number of great things, but what he is not is a trend-hopper. He’s been making several styles of music since I was introduced to his sound with the cuts “Omarion” and “Not The Hills”. This one is a bit more alternative-leaning, but nonetheless, it shines brightly. With a feature from Camilla Covington, some direction from Josh Bonzo, and production from Selam Sound, this team effort turned into something brilliant.

Chow is really getting endorsements and we know this man loves his beverages so it seems like a great fit. With a good portion of MHPG around him and linking with Nu Sace to share the wealth of the screen, we see this star run point in a wondrous manner. Are we surprised, no. Shit’s only gonna keep going up, peep it all above.

Oraclewes is a name you need to know and not just in the underground, in all realms of music. His sound is futuristic but doesn’t do too much to push away new listeners. Instead, it draws us in closer with his infectious feelings bleeding through the speakers. With production from Guda, Arena and Rio, it looks like the song as a whole is stunning to say the least. Have a listen for yourself and shoot Wes a follow!

Gio can sing, point blank. His pen is what entices me more because he doesn’t present a traditional style of singing. R&B is alive and well because of artists like Gio, Reggie Becton, and countless others, but let’s not stray away from the topic. “Wasting Away” is a gentle, yet moving look into raw emotion and storytelling. Gio Genesis is going to be around for a minute.

Kenny Kane is a seasoned veteran in this game but continuously gets some attention with his skillset. “So Memphis” is a love letter to the city, but it still stunts all of the doubters of the day. This is my favorite effort from Kane thus far, but I wouldn’t count this guy out. Kenny Kane made a bounce that can’t be recreated by AI or any inauthentic machine, real man-made power.

Now this one is a bit more pop-leaning, but people want to move around and dance for a bit. Léa the Leox is an LA-bred singer who’s bringing more to the table than just a great voice. She wants to entertain and you can see that in the way this video was developed. “T.V.” is just that, for your entertainment, but the confidence this woman brings to the table is awesome. You can see that she’s having fun with these frames, but you cannot ignore her commitment to the art. Get hip above.


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