“Nonsense and Mexican Shit” is a Title That Doesn’t Give That Mexican OT’s Craft Enough Credit


While his lyrics may be nonsensical and crude, “Nonsense and Mexican Shit” feels meticulously put together and crafted to showcase That Mexican OT‘s undeniable lyrical and creative curation abilities.

The new project is equal parts classic Texas shit (UGK, DJ Screw, etc), new school Southern rap shit, an homage to his Mexican heritage, and much more. Even something as typical as a flip of a Mariachi song for “Yellow” feels fresh and unique because of his rapid-fire flows, and funny punchlines.

His versatility is also on full display on tracks like “September 8th” with Curren$y and K3vlar Deon which is almost sounds like some old Odd Future shit (maybe its more reminiscent of Curren$y or RZA or whoever influenced them, but OF is my reference point. I’m 21, fuck you).

OT and Deon‘s chorus is beautifully smoke-friendly and ropes in some gold school vibes with Curren$y‘s verse. OT even pulls out the southern equivalent of boom bap on the final track, “Virgil”.

What I love about what OT does with his music is his ability to draw from different styles and genres without losing an authentic voice. I could see him doing music with anyone from South Park Mexican to Moneybagg Yo to Syd and it would still feel like he’s in his world rather than compromising to step into someone else’s. Check out Nonsense and Mexican Shit below.


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