Sit Back And Listen To KymaniXO’s Newest Track “Magic”


If you’ve read any of my articles before then you know I’m a big fan of Soundcloud, and discovering new music through the platform. Lately I’ve been bored with a lot of the music that I find on there, but KymaniXO is a completely different story. At only 14 years old, this young artist from Maryland has been creating some of the best music I’ve heard in a while. His newest single “Magic” is so fire, and I’m here to tell you all about it.

My favorite attribute of Kymani‘s sound has to be his melodic flow. His songs consist of bars that are mainly delivered through singing, and “Magic” is no different. The entire track is a masterpiece, equipped with a catchy hook, great verses, and some really bubbly production by Noakaisei. It’s amazing that at only 14 years old, KymaniXO is forming his own sound. Tap into “Magic” down below, and stay tuned into Chiefers for the latest and greatest in everything hip-hop!


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