NXG Unveils Infectious New Project Titled “Equilibrium”


Chiefers loves to put on for Philly because they are so many diverse sounds that bleed from the corners. NxG is one of those newcomers who needs some more respect, but this project will do exactly that. Look at this as an opportunity to introduce yourself to yet another rising star from the city.

He doesn’t need much to take the much to the next level, gift him an energetic beat and allow NxG to shine brightly. If you followed this kid in the past, it’s pretty apparent that he knows how to utilize his unique vocal prowess. And right from the jump “FELL IN LUV $$” gifts us electric annunciation to quench our thirst for entertainment. “Yeah Yeah” is another smash, but “Not The Same” takes it up a notch again.

Overall you can’t ignore the talents or the cohesive package that is Equilibrium. With features from XVXPARIS and iayze, these guest appearances only accent and combine the talents we’ve seen separately. Each song is a different feel, but still showcases the real sense of identity that NxG brings to the table. Do yourself a favor and peep it all below.



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