Iayze Continues His Hot Streak with Album “Demons 2” Deluxe


It’s no secret that Iayze has been a staple name in the underground this past year. With major projects like Virtuous and Demons 2 really ramping up his presence within the last 6 months, he has certainly not lifted his foot off the gas just yet.

After Virtuous dropped back in March of this year, his highlight single “556” had a crazy moment all across the internet. His numbers were going absolutely stupid, Tik Toks using the sound were flooding everyones’ For You pages, and you couldn’t have been a fan of underground music without knowing his name; Iayze was going viral. As his virality with “556” started to simmer down though, many fans considered that moment a “peak” for Iayze.

Iayze said “Fuck That.”

Pressing his foot down on the gas even harder, Iayze dropped off the highly anticipated follow-up project Demons 2 armed with 13 smash records. But the takeover didn’t stop there. Since dropping only 6 weeks ago, Iayze has dropped an astonishing 4 more full-length projects on SoundCloud that have continued to rebuild his momentum following “556,” all of which have led up to arguably the most anticipated project yet.

Iayze listened closely to the fans with this one. After teasing countless unreleased snippets for months on social media between releases, he compiled 13 of his fans’ most highly desired tracks and dropped off the gift of the century, doubling the size of its original counterpart. With production from industry heavy-hitters such as bryceunknwn, Paryo, Lockage, and more, this project has everything the fans craved and then some. Expect to hear more of Iayze‘s familiar angelic melodies throughout with assertive and memorable lyrics that get stuck in your head from the very first listen.

Off rip, new tracks like “Sped Off,” “Bids,” “Call,” and “Fold” immediately stand out for their obvious progression over previous releases. The evolution of Iayze from an underground to mainstream standard has been unmistakably rapid. It is apparent that it won’t be long before even regarding him as an “underground” artist will be a distant memory.

To say that Iayze has been absolutely flooding the market with music is a total understatement, but the great flood isn’t stopping anytime soon. In a conversation with his A&R, David Rodriguez, it was confirmed that there are already countless more full-length projects in the pipeline ready to be released this year.


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