Occ Taee Shows Up To Play On “Whats His Name”


Occ Taee is fresh out of Indianapolis and his sound is aggressive to say the very least. This energy unleashed onto our pages is in the form of his new single called “Whats His Name”. We don’t think there will be any doubts after you run this cut through the first time and then you’ll be hooked.

With production from Tom Levesque and Spencer Reist, the soundscape is set with lush accouterments to only accent Taee’s wave. You can hear not only the hunger in Taee‘s voice but the confidence from top to bottom. And if you take a dive into Taee‘s catalog, he’s been making some quality music for a minute now.

Naptown is overlooked when it comes to the music scene, but Occ Taee is a name to get hip to. Unrivaled arrogant boasts, with a precise cadence and a voice to steer the youth. We won’t be surprised when this kid goes up, but until then peep the gas below.


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