Jericho Drops Off His Infectious New Project Called “Attack On Jericho”


Jericho is a Jersey-born, Atlanta transplant who has turned his music into an undiscovered gem. As a part of the collective Flight Crew, I was briefly introduced to his work on their project called First Class. But since then I hadn’t delved into much, but I’m sorry I slept.

On Attack On Jericho! there are fourteen cuts ripe with energy from start to finish. “Majin Buu” takes no prisoners and flows brilliantly into “Walking Dead” Infectious cuts with vivacious production are up and down this effort, but “Lit” and “Meal Ticket” shine bright in their own lanes.

Overall, it’s a bit surprising that the stats don’t line up with a project of this quality. Jerichos Revenge has a really modernized sound and can craft stellar songs. If the right eyes and ears hit his music, it’ll only be a matter of time until he’s up. Do yourself a favor and peep all of the gas below.


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