Ola Runt Gifts Fans With Animated Frames For His New Cut “Major Pain”


Ola Runt is a name you need to know out here. This Atlanta menace is bringing back the unwavering energy that we know and love from southern rap. His sound is ominous, authentic and scary all in one. To hear his story and experiences over this colorful instrumentation takes your mind to another reckless place. Instead of making you do too much work, Ola sparks our interest yet again with these animated frames for “Major Pain.”

These illustrations are meant to trip you out, while depicting the life that Runt runs through on a daily basis. Well hopefully he’s not still practicing what he preaches, because we need music like this in 2020. His southern twang accents the brooding bass, making for true cohesive package. This is off his project Mama Tried, and was illustrated by the ingenious, Andrew William Ralph. I’ll get out of the way, so peep this one below.


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