Retch Returns With His Introspective Visuals For “Feel Me”


Retch has transformed his art numerous times throughout his career and he’s still so young. His reputation precedes him because of the work he’s done in the past, including the illustrious Polo Sporting Goods. Now, Retch‘s style is vastly different because he conquered those quintessential golden-era bars.

Retch said there’s no reason to sign, unless it’s to Dreamchasers or Freebands. But until the deal comes up, this guy is not taking his foot off the gas. This production was handled by CAP1OF1 and the shots were provided by Jayoh. While Retch resides in the hills now, he is reminded of how things were when he wasn’t up. People will come and go, but through all of the trials this guy doesn’t stop. Stay tuned for more from Retch and peep this gas below.


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