Omari Night Returns With His Sultry New EP Entitled “Fantasy”


Omari Night has been refining his craft and gifting the world some solid tunes for a few years now. The magnificent blend of soulful croons and pitch-corrected bliss propels us into the future. These six cuts we hear today are a part of the lust-filled compilation titled Fantasy.

This is heart-moving music to share with your loved one after a few J’s. With production from 2xhrd, Silenceland, Stoopidlou and Samsullivan, each cut is a heavy shade filled with ample emotion. “Till The Morning” and “Dirty Dancing” are the personal favorites because of Omari‘s tone. This kid has a ton of potential and we hear it with every effort he unveils. With the right team around Omari and a few more drops we have a strange feeling some calls will be made. Do yourself a favor and tap into this flavor below.


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