Sheff G Is The Crown Prince Of Brooklyn Drill, Peep His New Album “One And Only”


In these past 12 months the quintessential NYC sound has transformed into a household genre. The reach has been extended by the sheer “catchiness” of the music, but it’s still as rugged as ever. Sheff G is one of those artists ahead of the pack because of his energy and overall approach to music. Throughout this most recent release One And Only, we hear 12 prime examples as to why this guy is a star in the making.

With features from only Sleepy Hallow and Young AP, this seems like a family business and you can hear the genuine chemistry flowing between all three of these guys. A reoccurring theme we hear on this opus is unwavering confidence that brims from each bar. Instead of an over-exerted, inauthentic delivery, Sheff smoothly glides through traffic. “Once I’m Gone” is an impressive cut while G floats precisely reflecting on life. Great John crafted a true masterpiece with varietals of impressive, brooding bass. His layers are spaced and meticulously leveled allowing Sheff‘s vocals to shine cohesively with the instrumentation.

Obviously “No Suburbans Pt.2” is gonna be a fan favorite, but “Michael” “Tonight 2” and “Captions (Outro)” stand out to my ear. This is a solid, broader introduction to the world as opposed to his efforts in the past. The Unluccy Luccy Kid was still very good, this just takes things to the next level. Sheff G is going to have his reign for a while, it’s just a matter of time at this point.


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