OnlyBino Continues To Show Improvement With New Single, “Flawless Diamonds”


Onlybino is a South Florida rapper who continues to be on our radar, presenting a sound that is more reminiscent of an Atlanta artist. He ditches the brash delivery and heavy bass that many of his contemporaries such as XXX, Ski and others have used for electrifying synths under playful deliveries. Coming off the single “Buckhead” featuring Xhulooo, Lil Keel and sgpwes, Bino returns yet again with a powerful new wave ”Flawless Diamonds”.

The first thing that I must comment on is this Zachsrevenge and teegup produced instrumental. The beat is full of colorful electronic sounds over subtle bass kicks and rapid snares. This is a sound that has been recently popularized by the likes of Carti via his Whole Lotta Red and a few other underground artists. These beats are instances of beautiful chaos as there are many integral parts happening at once, intricately layered over one another.

As for the vocals, I enjoyed Bino’s energy on this, switching from aggressive to energetically youthful flows. Every Onlybino song that I’ve heard so far sounds like he is thrilled to hop on the beat which isn’t always the case with some of today’s rappers. I hope that this young artist continues to prosper and make waves within or beyond the underground Hip-Hop scene.


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