DJ Nick and A$AP Ant Present, Marino Infantry: Enter The Infantry Vol. 2


The Marino Infantry is more than just a collective of rappers. It’s a cultural brand representing fashion, skateboarding, and music alike. At the helm of the ship is A$AP Ant, Baltimore’s unforgiving world shaped him to make him who he is today. Pairing with DJ Nick yet again, we are gifted 31, yes 31 songs from this rugged team.

With production from Lord FUBU, Sparkheem, Lunchbox, Mannavelli, Spizzledoe, and countless others, there’s little doubt the ear won’t find something it loves on here. Past the production, the features are impressive as well. Chavo, Soduh, Lulu P, Ant, Twelvy, Baby 9eno, Lil Gray and 24lefteye all handle the vocal approach and float throughout each respective cut.

There are a ton of rap collectives out there trying to make a name for themselves, but it seems as if the Marino team has kept things moving in the right direction. Personal favorite cuts off of this one include “PGA Tour 2000”, “Mr. Feeny” and “Rush It”. Though some may criticize the amount of music on this project, those who love the Marino Infantry will be fucking thrilled with what we have here.

I have a strange feeling this is only going to get heavier with time, so tap into this gas below.


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