ShawnWeTrust Returns With An IGTV Exclusive Banger, “LV”


Philadelphia is currently having an artistic renaissance within the Hip Hop landscape that is led by buzzing acts such as Matt Ox, T$AN, Jah$tar, the Working On Dying producer collective, and countless others. Artists within this city area are starting to venture into new sounds, prioritizing personality, charisma, and artistry as opposed to street persona or toughness. Many prefer stories from the struggle due to it’s relatability but I personally like to escape and enter a sonic world where all of my doubts or insecurities no longer exist. ShawnWeTrust accomplishes that in his IGTV exclusive single, “LV.”

Shawn is an emerging rapper from Philly who’s essentially been all over the map. He was born in Brooklyn but was sent to Jamaica by his parents for behavioral reasons. There, he had a complete culture shock and gained an extra sense of appreciation due to the lack of opportunities in Jamaica in comparison to those in America. Shawn was then able to move to Philly where he would be able to use his past travels to aid in diversifying his artistry as a rapper. He has been a prominent figure in Philadelphia’s underground music scene, opening for acts such as Lucki, Young Nudy, Thouxanban Fauni, and more.

ShawnWeTrust’s “LV” visual that was produced by Toscani and shot by Gary Malik Thompson, features a unique vertical style of presentation. As the camera zooms in on his blonde dreads, one can get lost in his smooth flows and mellow charisma. “LV” is a calm banger that features a transcendent beat and a full display of confidence with lines like, “All she want is Louie or this LV” and “And I know these labels wanna sell me”, all while sporting a sick bubble coat designed by Jordan Princiotta.

This single will be featured exclusively on ShawnWeTrust’s IGTV channel on his Instagram (@shawnwetrust) which is fitting considering the angle and overall presentation of the video. ShawnWeTrust plans to follow up this single with a full-length EP titled “Gift From Above”, which is set to release July 23rd. Check out his new single, “LV” below.

ShawnWeTrust – LV (IGTV Exclusive)


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