Pardyalone Drops His New Video For The Smash “Not A Home”


When I first heard Pardyalone I was completely blown away. At only 22 years old, the young Minnesota rapper has been producing music that is at the highest quality. His newest single “Not At Home” is an absolute banger and has accumulated over 8 million views on everyone’s favorite app TikTok. Pardyalone is an artist that injects a lot of energy and emotion into his tracks, and this song definitely reflects that style.

In these visuals directed by Nicholas Jandora, we see Pardy go through a lifetime of heartbreak in two minutes and fifty seconds. A real set of cinematic scenes to only add to the already pristine song. “Not At Home” is a wave that references one of Pardyalone‘s past relationships. He opens up and shares his more vulnerable side with his fans, giving them a peek into his personal life and emotions.

Pardyalone blesses us with his great voice, singing his heart out throughout the track. The guitar instrumental is beautiful and meshes so nicely with Pardyalone‘s vocals. Overall this song is a chiller track that would be a great addition to a more relaxed playlist. Tap in with Pardyalone and check out “Not At Home” down below!


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