People Aren’t Sleeping, The Music Just Isn’t That Good


This is a tough conversation to have with anyone, but honesty with good intent doesn’t come knocking at your door very often. I think as a whole we all gotta wake up and smell that Folger’s pack. Lack of commitment is a part of it, but a lack of organized drops and the will to win has something to do with it as well. You haven’t formulated a plan of any sort, set aside money for a budget, stopped kicking it with the lower-tier people in your life, and you still think it’s gatekeeping when you aren’t seeing the results you want. I think more artists and people, in general, need a bit of tough love, but this isn’t even that, it’s just the honest truth.

During these current dreary days that we all inhabit, I see being gentle as a necessity to some extent. But time and time again I hear complaints about how so and so is the most slept on artist in the city. Do you know how unreal your music has to be to control one’s attention for 2-3 minutes? Especially with the fact that there are 30,000 other rappers trying to not only steal that attention away but essentially take your lunch money in the meantime. Maybe it’s not the consumer’s fault when the consumer is just reacting to how much you believe in your own work. We can tell when it’s real and tell when it’s bullshit, so when you put it all in your craft, the ball starts rolling. Getting in touch with a critic, writer, or curator shouldn’t be the focus of your attention-grabbing quest, building that organic fan base is what could set you up for life.

This game is not easy and people get clipped, fired, and forgotten every single day. I just hear what I hear and hope we can all grow to be greater than we were yesterday. These artists below put everything into the craft, so take some notes, don’t be too upset with my ginger bearded opinions and I’ll talk to you soon.

BoofPaxkMooky Featuring 1600J – Runtz

Mooky is really one of my favorite rappers quite simply because he does this shit so effortlessly. Pairing with 1600J, another rising artist with deserves much more attention, we are gifted the infectious “Runtz”. The instrumentation is vivid but gentle in the same light. It allows a mellow mood to run through the airwaves making for more of an escape than a task of listening. Mooky is really him, peep this one above.

Blvck Svm – Chimichurri

Svm is a part of the new generation of wordsmiths, but he doesn’t try to lose the listener with overt introspection. It almost seems as if Svm could pen all of this in his sleep and “Chimichurri” is another great example of that. He’s putting up numbers that are astounding considering it’s just him and the team. His project is dropping next week and it’s truly only a matter of time before the world is blown away by his work. With instrumentation on this one from Sebastian Kamae and direction from Burbs Productions on the visuals, peep this total package above.

Matt Ox & Key! – Growing Pains

Matt and Key! are two artists who the new generation should thoroughly admire. They have remained true to themselves and haven’t gotten washed away by the temporary glitz of the industry. This was shot by the legendary Jmoney1041 but basks in the wondrous simplicity. Pop the hood on the Tessie and let the bros go to work because you know it’s always a treat when these two link.

Wakai – To A Dark Boy

Wakai is another warrior with a deadly pen but stays calm and collected throughout the pressure. Today he dropped off the project To A Dark Boy and from start to finish he guides us through an evocative glimpse of his world. With features from Marco Plus, Mick Jenkins, Satya, Noa Jamir, Nochvll, and Emmavie, these combinations of talents still reside where Wakai blossoms. His unwavering confidence is heard without using any aggression in his tone. A true storyteller of this new generation of rap, but the only difference is, he can keep your attention with his cadences. Do yourself a favor and get acquainted with one of the best rappers above.

Icytwat – Eyez On Em

This man doesn’t really need an introduction, but I just figured I’d throw this one on here. He also has the best version of “Off The Leash” and that other shit is really trash. “Eyez On Em” is exactly what’d you would expect from a vet like Twat. Peep this shit, I’m gonna go do shrooms.


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