skaiwater’s Track “a lie” Blends Hyperpop & R&B In A Way You Won’t See Coming


When you go to the Soundcloud page for skaiwater‘s new track “a lie”, the hashtag #molly which appears on the top right-hand corner is a pretty apt name to describe this track. “a lie” begins with a stripped-down intro that shows off skai‘s serious singing abilities that fall within the same vein as XXXTentacion or even Frank Ocean.

Out of nowhere, a blitz of hyperpop ambushes you and suddenly you’re cast into a psychedelic, fast-paced high. The creshendo of hyperpop percussion punching the song’s mellow vibe in the face feels as colorful and crazy as, well, molly. If this song doesn’t turn you into a skaiwater fan, then I don’t know what will. Check the track out below.