PG Ra Brings Out A Heavy Hitter For Introspective New Track “Selfish”


When you think of South Carolina rapper PG Ra‘s music, pensive R&B laced tracks are definitely not top of mind. Much of Ra‘s music features bouncy production from JetsonMade and in-your-face flows that pack a punch.

Ra‘s new collab with R&B titan 6lack fuses a melancholy guitar loop with booming production from frequent collaborators Jetson and 1st Class, as well as PSilo.

Being a huge fan of 6lack and cherishing Ra‘s music as some of my favorite music from high school, I was overjoyed that these two would even think of hopping on a song together. Since the 2000s, street rap and R&B have gone hand and hand and “Selfish” is just the newest installment in a series of never-ending hits. Check out the song below!


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