Pittsburgh Rapper Project Baby Elu Drops Heat In “Say Yown Pt. 2”


19 year old, Project Baby Elu is making noise in Pittsburgh. Earlier this month, Project Baby Elu released the official music video for “Say Yown Pt 2”.

In the video, Elu lurks around what seems to be his stomping grounds, North View Heights, a community located on Pittsburgh’s North Side. Home to another North Side star Fedd the God, someone Elu has been spotted with before in LA. The video is shot by Case Filmz, a common collaborator with Pittsburgh artists like Reese Youngn, Asco100k, and the late Jimmy Wopo. The song itself was produced by Pittsburgh staple, Stevie B. Who made his claim to fame with Jimmy Wopo’s “Elm Street”.

Elu showcase’s his ability to write bars that are, for a lack of better words, hard. He introduces the song by setting the plot, almost like he’s preparing the audience for a scary story. His steady, maintained, dare I say neat cadence adds to this feeling. Quickly he switches to the hook at 1 minute perfectly transitioning into “All I gotta do is say yown”… The hook is where Elu metaphorically stands up in the class. In the second verse Elu pronounces that he’s going to be out of here soon, rapping “Bitch ain’t wanna fuck me last year, its cool” “Betta get me while you can / like very soon”. Meaning he’s going up with his rap career, very, very soon. The song closes with the hook and fades out.

Project Baby Elu is the quintessential street artist that you need to listen to. I’m not sure what he has in store for us next, but I’m sure it will be great.


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