Pop Smoke Is Here To Prove He’s The King Of NYC, Peep His Visuals For “Christopher Walking”


It’s been a chaotic rise to the top for Pop Smoke, but his triumphant moments are no where close to the end. “Christopher Walking” is another anthem waiting to catch momentum and these visuals are very crispy to say the least. With direction from Brennan Rowe, we see this Smoke hit the woo and cruise throughout the NYC streets.

I think a very big reason for Pop’s success is the bellowing bass that his voice provides. It’s rugged, raspy and commands attention whenever he drops. To be honest, someone claims that they’re the King of New York every few months, but this time I think we do have a clear winner. Regardless of whoever run’s this metaphorical monarchy, Pop Smoke is doing his part to energize the city. Stay tuned for more from the Chiefers gang, and tap in below.



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