The DMV’s YungManny Gifts With Fans With His Visuals For “Youngest In Charge”


YungManny is one of the most electric artists coming out of the DMV in recent years. His influence on the youth and how to work with the punch-in flow, is quite distinct in each of his songs. There’s no lack of energy and his gang behind him makes sure to always back him up.

We see Manny and his bros mob in a variety of settings, but this isn’t a high-budget film. When you have these star qualities like YungManny does, any place can turn into a potential video set. Taking this famously-smooth sample and turning it on it’s absolute head, we are encompassed by off-the-wall cadences. You do have to get adjusted to the DMV’s newly adopted style, but once you learn to love it, it’s addicting.

Directed by 1drince, these frames are meant to bring you a smile and ease a little bit of the stress in your day. Tap in below with YungManny, he’s going to have a wild 2020.


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