Quadie Diesel Belongs In The Mix on “Gangster”


When a rapper starts talking in third person it’s a sign they’re at the peak of their powers. Quadie Diesel’s “Gangster” is like watching a Kyrie Irving 40 piece, a free-flowing heat check full of dazed moves that take constant replays to fully digest.

Do you focus on the infinite flows that can be brought out without thought or do you pay close attention to the lyrics to make sure you pick up on all of his sly bars? “N****s want peace get creased/That’s slacks/Every bad bitch get struck like a match,” he raps matter-of-factly.

The layers of Quadie’s lines are intricate, each witty rhyme scheme he deploys is the building block for the next one. Some of your favorite rappers (Na-Kel Smith, Earl Sweatshirt, KEY! and Matt OX) pop in as well and add another layer of distraction to RAHEEMISBLIND’s sublime video. Quadie Diesel is going to be in the mix for a long time so get used to seeing him as well.


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