SAVI MINDS Transports You into a Lucid Dream on the “DON’T WANNA FEEL A SINGLE THING” EP


SAVI MINDS has blown me away by his songs’ musicality and instrumentality on the “DON’T WANNA FEEL A SINGLE THING” EP. This is a masterclass in catchy songwriting and introspective topics. The lead single “DON’T WANNA FEEL A SINGLE THING” has a heavy synth-pop influence and that driving rhythm I can find myself grooving to anywhere. The incredible solo at the end of this record is the icing on the cake! Easily one of my favorite songs right now. 

“WHERE’D MY EYES GO?” feels very dance-inspired; I could hear this on one of Kaytranada’s projects. I enjoy the moodiness of the record; Big 2 am vibes on this one. Lastly, we have one of the darkest tracks on this record with “COMATOSE”. The drum pattern on this record is very hip-hop flavored, yet the vocals take it back into indie-rock territory. I can’t lie; even though this was released last year, it goes more than ever! 


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