Quiet Luke Impresses With His New Project, “21st Century Blue”


If you are in tune with the Indie scene, you probably have heard of Quiet Luke. This NYU Clive Davis graduate mixes his cunning lyrical ability with gritty composition and a soothing voice, and the result is great music. This soon-to-be star just dropped a brand new project, titled “21st Century Blue”, and it’s great.

Quiet Luke is a name that I’ve heard quite a bit over the past few months, and after getting hip to his musical catalog, I was excited for his new project to drop. The time has finally come to check out the latest from this buzzing act. This 11-track album is the perfect pairing for the polar change in weather that most people are experiencing right now, I don’t think Quiet Luke could’ve picked a better time to drop. As I browsed through the 11 tracks, I found myself lost in thought, which I soon realized to be a byproduct of this young artist’s music. After finding myself satisfied with the culmination of sounds on this awesome project, I went to YouTube to check out any corresponding visuals, and I found an absolute gem: his video for “Familial”, the 6th song on the album.

I’m impressed with the collection of tracks that Quiet Luke has put together, and I’m really looking forward to hearing/seeing more from him. He’s got high-quality production, for both audio and video, and all aspects of what he’s putting out have me left waiting for more. Check out this 11-track statement made by Quiet Luke, and indulge yourself with the right vibes today.


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