Quoncho Is Making Noise With His Newest EP “Zip Em All”


In a world where fake streams and music overall runs rampant, creatives need to utilize their authentic selves when it comes to making art. In today’s case, Quoncho and LollypopBeatz have linked up for this prolific street project entitled Zip Em All and they do just that. In just five cuts we are shown sides of Quoncho that most artists couldn’t even dream of possessing. Unwavering boasts are shown on “Demons Knockin'”, an explosive introduction to this opus.

Then carrying into cuts like “16s” and “Fuck The Other Side” this duo makes sure we’re on the edge of our seat. My personal favorites remain “Broke Opps” and “Zip Em All” because of the sheer disrespect Quoncho flaunts in front of his opposition. This type of music is meant to be braggadocious but a true look into what this young man’s thought process is as well.

The percussive elements meld incredibly with the layering of melodies curated by Lollypop. These beats have pristine spacing, allowing our protagonist to shine at the highest level. Overall Zip Em All is a great introduction to the world from Quoncho, Alabama’s next rising star. The funny thing is, this man is just getting started, get hip below.


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