Ahmad Anonimis Is Back With Another Pristine Jam Called “Wanna See”


Ahmad is back on our pages with his new “Wanna See” effort. This is featuring Trilly! who adds a lush, aerated tone for the listener to delve into. The percussion of this reminds the ear of some Timbaland drums he’d throw to Missy paired with abstract synths.

The melding of Ahmad‘s smokey tone and the gentle instrumentation make for a real moment. Lowkey this is a great cut to live with during the changing seasons. It’s a mellow track for the end of Summer but this will go crazy when the air is a bit cooler. Ahmad and Trilly! have gifted the world something special, but they didn’t need to lose their identity to do so. “Wanna See” is a unique, refreshing take on modern music, and will be in your rotation for a while. Don’t sleep.


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