Humid Humans


In these late Summer moments, I get very tired of the Ohio humidity. And as Fall teases it’s looming upon us, we must retreat back to our caves to peep the latest of drops. Below are a vastly different bunch of artists, but they highlight that feeling that I was looking for. Free form creativity, not held back or created by the machine. Dive into some stellar moments below, while I remain a humid human.

Donald Grunge – Melodies & Temptation

Grunge is one of the most exciting artists coming out of Boston. His sound is unique and the way he translates his personality through his art shines bright from start to finish. With these ten cuts, grouped and titled together called Melodies & Temptation, we hear a wide variety of talents from Donald. With the melding of R&B cuts, to modern Rap and Jersey Club, there truly isn’t any style of music Grunge turns into his own. “Eat My Heart”, “Temptation”, “Infinite” and “Downtown” are the personal favorites, but no cut gets overshadowed by the others. A true work of cohesion from this rising star, get hip to Donald Grunge before it’s too late.

LeTreez – One Of One

Now this is a French connection bridging the gap from French-Caribbean waves to the US. LeTreez balances the weight and showcases his hit-making ability when it comes to the songs he pens. With just six cuts, One Of One is bop after bop allowing the ear to go wherever LeTreez make take it. “Brand New Love” rolls brilliantly into “Fuck & Smoke”, though it feels like each track is a stop into a new realm unknown to the ear before. LeTreez is a rising name to know, so don’t sleep on this one.

Bucky Malone – Aqua 8’s

Bucky has gifted the world another cut called “Aqua 8’s” and this one possesses the usual boisterous precision this man is known for. The cloud rap synths pair incredibly well with the subtle distortion of the kick. Then Malone curates an auditory pocket in which he shines with his usual sermon. The mood is easy and laid-back but very few artists can formulate a consistent reason for people to listen. Bucky Malone does just that and does it with ease. Get hip to the “Aqua 8’s”.


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