Real Boston Richey’s “Bullseye” Is A Hustler’s Anthem


Real Boston Richey‘s “Bullseye” blends a Rick Ross boss persona, a nasty ass Ddot Freezing beat, and the Florida drawl that we’ve come to know and love. With cosigns from Yo GottiFuture, and Kanye West among many others, Richey is bound to make a splash this year.

In the Guwap Motions directed video, Richey dawns an entire jewelry store’s worth of chains, watches, rings, and bracelets while flexing several exotic cars. The track’s opening lines “Bubba chain 100,000, ran it up in public housing” has been stuck in my head for the last two weeks. Despite only having two songs out right now, Richey is making his mark on Florida and the world at large. Check out “Bullseye” below.


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