Rich Amiri Spazzes in “Havoc” Featuring Slump6s


Boston artist Rich Amiri absolutely spazzes in this music video for “Havoc” featuring Slump6s. Let me start by saying Rich Amiri is taking over 2022. Dropping so consistently that traction that he’s bringing in is unreal. With that being said I was put onto Amiri from his slower heartfelt music but this track has the same energy as “Walk In” which I love. The energetic beat produced by Maajins lays the foundation and then Amiri and Slump6s do their thing. Coming in going straight for the hook it catches your ears immediately. Transitioning into the verses effortlessly Amiri’s versatility does not go unnoticed. Then comes in Slump6s matching the same energy and giving us such a fire feature that wraps the song up perfectly. 

For the video Tycho Burwell took creative direction and did an outstanding job. Going to the desert with a flamethrower and dune buggy this video is so sick. Giving me Mad Max vibes, the visuals and the song work so well together. Also having the cameos from some underground artists in the background everyone popped out for this video. Rich Amiri has done it again, go listen to this track below. 



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