Rising Crooner, Papichuloteej Delivers His Long Awaited New Single, “Stars Align”


Harnessing the power of social media to accomplish our goals is something every single one of us tries to do on a daily basis. Whether it’s to sell some clothes, promote a brand, or just preview upcoming music, social media has the ability to turn each and every single one of us into overnight sensations. Utilizing that power to accomplish the latter goal, Las Vegas artist Papichuloteej has amassed over 25k views on various snippets in the last two weeks. The song in that snippet? His brand new single, “Stars Align.”

Co-produced by Pelham & Junior, as well as Todd Zack Jr. who also penned some of the lyrics, “Stars Align,” is a feel good, easy going record that sounds destined to be on commercial and movie soundtracks everywhere. Highlighting his progression as a pure vocalist, Teej does a brilliant job on this record with meshing his melodies with the complicated, yet infectious runs in the production. Featuring Gabby Trinh with a beautiful guest verse, “Stars Align,” is easily Teej‘s best song to date, which is no small feat with his catalog. Check out the single below and keep a close eye on Papichuloteej.


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