San Lorenzo Makes A Statement With New Single, “JUST4U”


San Lorenzo has a melodic ability that’ll give mainstream artists a run for their money. He’s emerging from the underground scene, but he’s got vibes that could take him across the globe. I came across San Lorenzo on Twitter, as he had responded to a Daily Chiefers tweet. Normally, the responses section on Twitter isn’t the easiest way to come across talent, but nonetheless, it is a way. We do our best to take a listen to every submission that is sent to us, and it’s rare for a submission to make an impact like San Lorenzo did.

Tonight, he makes his Daily Chiefers debut for his latest drop, “JUST4U,” featuring The Yamasexuals. The single is a melodic vibe produced by Luvgrip, and puts San Lorenzo‘s vocal ability on full display over some smooth production. I couldn’t help but fall into a daze while listening. I’m sure you will too. Come see for yourself, and get familiar with another young talent.



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