Rising DIY Queen, PinkPantheress, Debut’s Nostalgic Visuals For “Just For Me”


PinkPantheress is a rising 20 year old singer who is redefining the DIY scene. There is little known about the personal life or real name of the UK hopeful as she prefers to leave everything open for question and rarely post’s on social media. This creates a cool sense of mystique and will certainly add to the curiosity factor around her music. PinkPantheress is infamous for her eccentric combination of 90’s and 2000’s music, which she has termed “New Nostalgic”. As far as commercial success goes, PinkPantheress has been a monster on the TikTok platform, having over 54k creations made for her last release, “Pain” in addition to having 816k followers on the platform. “Pain” also has over 71 million streams on Spotify, helping with her 10 million monthly listener count. Keep in mind these numbers are crazy for someone who has only been releasing music for a year and has no full length project out. 

Following the “Passion” single, PinkPantheress released a new track titled, “Just For Me” and it has gone ridiculously viral on TikTok with over 2 million creates under the official sound. This prompted the release of the early 2000’s inspired video where the pixels are of low quality and there are quick cuts to young people in a group watching her perform with somber looks on their faces, all over a plain white background. They were all wearing clothing that was popular during that era as well. I also get slight gothic vibes from the video based on her all black attire and the random cuts to a terrifying looking black spider. The sonics of the song are house party meets bedroom pop as the percussion is quick and bare without too many layers, moving in unison with her hushed vocal delivery. This song was made for dancing angels and toxic lovers as she calmly says at the start of the chorus, “When you wipe your tears do you wipe them just for me?”. 

Pinkpathress is making waves in the UK scene and has been so successful that it has now spilled into the underground rap scene here in America with artists like Ken Carson, and SSGKobe both expressing their desire to work with her. Despite her TikTok driven success, the music itself is amazing and not gimmicky at all like many other songs that have blown up on the platform. Surprisingly, PinkPantheress still attends a University in the UK where she also records out of. Check out PinkPantheress’s nostalgic visual for “Just For Me” below. 



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