Jazz Cartier’s Long Awaited Sophomore Album Finally Arrives


“The Fleur Print” serves as Jazz‘s first full-length project since “Fluerever, enlisting KYLE, Cousin Stizz, Buddy, AzizTheShake, and Kari Faux. The video for “Rock the Boat” featuring KYLE was subsequently released as well.

Already being one of the most gifted creators out of Toronto, Jazz has been known for his creativity, spanning all the way from his appearance to the delivery of his music. He’s considered to be one of the few mavericks in the hip hop game. Jazz‘s style spans all the way from the grunge and punk style we saw artists like Kurt Cobain do in the ’90s, to the traditional streetwear style that’s the go-to for most rappers these days. Jazz‘s artistry is just as, if not more all-encompassing than his wardrobe is.

His debut mixtape was cited as “Just a mild introduction for what’s to come in 2016.”, and although he is more than established as an artist, The Fleur Print is an introduction as well. His sophomore album is his first project as an independent artist, so it seemingly acts as Cartier‘s reintroduction into the game. The reinvigorated Cartier lays down his relaxed, collected vocals over heavy 808’s and mind-bending synths. He floats on every track, and his ambiguity on and off the mic allows him to be one of the more interesting figures in rap. What we see is what we get with the Canadian native, and what we get is a jack of all trades so to speak. He’s an artist who’s not afraid to push the confines of what rap truly is, sonically and appearance-wise. I’m not sure how much more innovative Jazz can get; but if The Fleur Print is any indication for what’s in store, brace yourselves.


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