Baby Keem Shows His Values On “first order of business”


Baby Keem has made a significant splash with his debut album “The Melodic Blue”. Twitter has even deemed it one of the best projects of the year, even being better than CLB and Donda. I thoroughly enjoy the project and have been waiting to see the visual component to some of the tracks. “first order of business” is one of the more intimate cuts from the project, and the video compliments the song too well. 

The record discusses how he stayed loyal to his family when he made some money and made sure to thank everyone in his life. Keem shows his values and morals on his sleeve with the beautifully framed shots discussing what he did with his first million. In the end, we get sentimental footage of him buying his grandma a house. It’s a heartwarming video that adds to the story of Baby Keem.


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